School of Chemistry and Material Science


DCST pamphlet2Unlike any other, Peer education is the main learning process, making the student experience more interesting. We are a School that embraces, diversity and culture, we treat everyone with equality and genuine kindness

Our graduates
We keep close ties with former students and have a strong network of alumni. Many of our graduates have continued into academic research, and others taking up posts in prominent companies and the Government across the country. Several students have pursued further education in prestigious Universities across the world including Yale, University of Connecticut among others.

Careers and Employability
Graduates from the School of Chemistry are recognised by employers for their relevant and up-to-date knowledge, advanced research skills and independent thought.
Industrial and Analytical Chemistry graduates are highly sought after by employers, and all of our graduates either find employment in industry or go on to higher level study at the end of their degree. Careers include research and development, management positions, and technical roles within large multinationals, government and smaller businesses. Companies our recent graduates have gone on to work for include Unilever, Government Chemist, GSK, Chloride Exide, Crown Paints, Bamburi Cement among others. Other graduates choose to apply their technical and analytical skills in other fields and innovation. An Industrial and Analytical Chemistry degree also provides an ideal springboard for higher level study towards a Master and PhD.
Our graduates future matters to us. That’s why we listen to employers and shape our courses around their needs. Not only do we teach the latest research advances, but through challenging projects, practical’s and tutorials we also enhance learners’ employability. We want our graduates to stand out in the job market with great interpersonal skills, teamwork, self-motivation and organization.
Aside from research and hands-on science, there are many other career opportunities for chemists in industry, including formulation, process chemistry, manufacturing and production, quality control, quality assurance, sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, purchasing, human resources, health and safety, and all sorts of other non-laboratory careers.

DCST pamphlet 6Support and Peer mentoring
We are well known for our congenial atmosphere, with a high level of staff-to-student contact. You will be allocated a tutor to whom you can turn for advice on any matter.  Our peer mentoring scheme assigns groups of first year students to second year mentors. These are students who have been through all the experiences that you are about to encounter; they volunteer their time to help you and steer you through this period of transition. All our peer mentors undergo training, and you will have the opportunity to meet with them regularly to discuss any problems that you are having. You might even decide to put yourself forward for peer mentoring next year!

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